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"We aim to establish a long-lasting relationship of trust"

The A.N.E.TH. was founded in 1974 by Thassians mainly shareholders as a multi Shipping SA Thasou.I foundation aimed at better serving the marine transportation needs of the island with a sufficient manner and for the benefit of the inhabitants. From its establishment until today A.N.E.TH. construction, acquired and took advantage of paying special attention vessels, safety and high quality services. It currently has nearly four newbuilding vessels are amfiplora Epivatika- Ferries Open TypeTHASSOS I THASOS II ISLAND III and Passenger - ferry conventional Agios Panteleimon class R.I.N.A

The company operates a certified safety management system (I.S.M. CODE) at the offices of the Tribunal and under the ownership of the passenger - ferries.

Special honorable mention must be made by the founders of A.N.E.TH. especially for many years Chairman, late Nicholas D.. CHARITOPOULOU, played prominent place in Thasos effort to get their own Shipping Company, which since then and until today decisively contributes to the economic development of the island.

Safety & Transmission Quality

The Company employs fifty people, mainly Thassians, who work as crew on the ships or as officers in  administrative services. With the utmost respect to the travelling public, ANETH LINES S.A. renews its fleet and shapes policies aiming at improving the conditions of tourist flows, as well as customers’ satisfaction and facilitation. By updating its fleet with high-tech ships and offering services certified by international quality management standards as a whole, the Company aims at establishing a long-lasting relationship of trust. It also employs well-trained staff having the knowledge and professionalism necessary to meet the increasing requirements of each customer before, during and after the trip. Our ships depart continually, on a daily basis and at specified times, offering high quality services, including clean and luxurious areas (indoor and outdoor), providing passengers a comfortable and relaxing trip.  



The Company provides an ONLINE timetable checker and cost calculator at


Have a nice trip! 

 Ioannis Tsoupras

Chief Executive Officer


ANETH LINES S.A. is certified to meet and apply the requirements of the 1974 International Conventionfor theSafetyofLifeat Sea, as amended, and EC Regulation 3051/95 on the safety management of open type and closed type roll-on/roll-off passenger ferries (ro-ro ferries), as supplemented by Regulation 179/98.

The Company aims at offering quality services to the travelling public, along with safety, consistent timetables and improved passenger and vehicle transfer conditions. QUALITY AND SAFETY.

Respect and protection of marine environment, with continuous inspections and scrupulous compliance with international regulations. Specific onboard signs in designated areas to prevent waste discharge at sea.