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1974 - 2017: From establishment to date

 A.N.E.TH. was founded in 1974 mainly by Thassians  shareholders as a multi shared S.A. The establishment of the new company  aimed at better serving the inland’s marine transportation needs with a sufficient manner and for the benefit of the people of Thassos.  Since its foundation A.N.E.TH. constructed , or   acquired all it’s vessels  paying special attention to  safety , speed and comfort of the passengers.

Today’s fleet consists of  four new open type car -passenger   ferries witch are  the double ended "THASSOS I", "THASSOS II",   and "THASSOS III" and the conventional   Ro-Pax  “AGIOS PANTELEEMON"  , classed  to  R.I.NA.

A.N.E.TH. employs fifty employees, who are mainly Thassians and work as crew on the ships or as employees in administrative services .

Special honorable mention must be made to the founders of A.N.E.TH.  and especially to it’s first  Chairman  of the BoE , late Nicholaos D. Charitopoulos,  who played a leading role in the company’s  contribution to the economic development of the island of Thassos.